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In 2021, Gaysha’s business activities produced 316 tonnes of CO2, which would visually be equivalent to 316 filled hot air balloons .

Our business footprint is currently equivalent to:

  • 632 plane journeys from Paris to New York
  • Charging 38,439,188 smart phones
  • Driving 1,178,119.78 miles in a diesel car

We would need to plant approx. 5700 tress to absorb the CO2 that Gaysha produced in that year!

We are keen that our staff and suppliers get on board with our journey, as we won’t be able to do it without them.  Part of becoming net zero means we need to more accurately capture data on the carbon we are collectively producing, and we really hope that our staff and operatives will be willing to help us with this.  We have put together a carbon action plan and will be rolling out actions to our staff over the next few months.  We also welcome any suggestions from staff in ways we can reduce carbon emissions.

The first actions that have been put in motion are:

  1. Increased recycling at head office.  Gaysha now have the following designated bins, and we hope that office staff will take note of reducing waste and increase our recycling by using the correct bins.
  • Food waste
  • Plastic film and single use plastics
  • Paper and Waste
  • Mixed Recycling (plastic containers and metal)

And we are going to be introducing a coffee cup recycling bin over the next few weeks.

  1. The CEO has arranged for “Greening” of head office, by purchasing a number of air purifying plants which will be installed throughout the office to both improve air quality and purity, and to improve staff’s mental health and wellbeing.

Look out for more carbon reducing actions being rolled out very soon.